Cultivate Ideas.
Nourish Leaders.
Harvest Excellence.

We’re a network of leaders based in agrarian values demonstrating excellence and performing at our highest potential.

Who Are We

Roots & Legacies Consulting, Inc. brings together smart, experienced, connected and passionate individuals all focused on one goal: Empowering Others to Excellence. Roots & Legacies began in 2001 when founders Jackie McClaskey and Sarah Goss worked together to bring professional development trainings to universities and colleges – primarily in colleges and departments of agriculture. In 2017, J.J. Jones joined the organization as it expanded its services to include strategic communication and marketing support, event and project management, association management and overall business operations consulting. Today, J.J. and Sarah serve as managing partners of the organization. Jackie is currently taking a leave of absence to focus on her role as Kansas Secretary of Agriculture.

Roots & Legacies is committed to bringing together the best team to meet its clients’ needs; as a result, the organization works with a number of associates who offer unique areas of expertise and experience but share the deep desire and drive to serve and empower organizations, businesses and individuals who impact the excellence of the agricultural and food industry and rural America.


Mission & Services


To cultivate ideas, nourish leaders, and harvest excellence by putting our talents, passions and agrarian values to work. We engage and develop individuals and organizations.


Our mission will be achieved by providing consulting services in five areas:

Strategic Communications: In today’s hyper-connected environment, what you say and how you say it matters more than ever. We want to help you share your story in a powerful way by defining strong message platforms, determining the best places to share your information, offering training to help deliver your message, and preparing for crisis and issues that may affect your organization.

Personal and Professional Development – Our team is both professionally and personally passionate about helping people realize their personal potential and, in turn, help their organization excel. We offer professional coaching and training, interview preparation, interview process development and execution, professional development training, and speakers bureau management.

Business Operations: Sometimes the only thing standing between a business concept and business success is a change in process, a better understanding of the market, or developing new skills within your organization. Our team can help you excel through offering counsel and analysis on market development, processes, economics, feasibility assessments, workforce development and more. Our goal is to help you reach yours through the most effective, efficient path.

Program and Event Management – Roots & Legacies can serve as an extension of your team to coordinate specific events and programs, or identify the ideal team to manage your association or a specific program or project. Our commitment to excellence extends to services such as association management, curriculum development, fundraising, and leadership development.

Influence-Building Efforts – Leveraging our team’s talents and experience identifying common ground, building alliances and working on technical, challenging situations, we are able to manage issues, engage in policy development and execution, train and prepare political candidates and manage coalitions.



While Roots & Legacies co-founder, J.J. Jones, will always consider northwest Kansas home, J.J. lives in -and loves, Kansas City.

J.J. has loved agriculture and food for, well … as long as he can remember. Whether it was riding countless miles on horseback with his father and brother, gardening with his grandparents, showing cattle and sheep or learning about wine varietals before he could enjoy them, J.J. recognized that agriculture and food are a common thread that connect us all.

We celebrate with food. We care for the less fortunate with food. Food is possible because of strong agriculture.

J.J. is a constant learner and found joy in high school agriculture education and later Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture. He has continued to enhance his agricultural and leadership skills from the strong foundation that was built growing up in a diversified agribusiness family and being an active member of both 4-H and FFA. Earning degrees in Animal Science and Industry as well as International Agriculture, then going on to work with a number of agribusinesses has taken him to every corner of Kansas, across the U.S. and around the world (J.J. has worked in over 25 international markets and is still counting) allows J.J. to put his skills and talents to work in empowering others to excellence.

J.J. is a strong leader in association management, communicating with various agriculture and food industry stakeholders and putting his passion for international agriculture to use in developing global markets for Roots & Legacies’ clients.

J.J. excels in turning data and information into knowledge and strategy as he works with clients to enhance their communications, marketing – both domestic and international, and association and project management.

J.J. and his partner, Kevin, enjoy all things food and wine! You can find them sharing meals with family and friends, singing in their church choir and volunteering with a number of organizations including the American Royal, Sheffield Place, Micah Ministry and the Cultivating Change Foundation.

Planted firmly in the middle of Kansas, Roots & Legacies co-founder, Sarah Goss, is a mother of four living a modern-day prairie adventure.

Growing up in the hills and deep top soils of the northeast corner of Kansas, she could barely see the prairie over the acres and acres of corn and soybeans.  Her family encouraged her to go west to college to K-State, get a good education, spread her wings and establish roots.  While there, she discovered the beauty that is a Kansas wheat harvest, found a way to understand the world through the lens of an agricultural economist, made amazing friends, and met a southwest Kansas farm boy, Brent, whom she’d later marry and whose view of the prairie was wide and unobstructed.

Sarah & Brent put down roots.  Started a family.  And five years ago, made good on a promise to themselves and to their kids –   they bought a farm.

Sarah began her career in economic development, and then turned to banking.  But, her babies stole her heart and her attention.  She stayed home full time until 2014, when she started working part-time at Citizens State Bank & Trust Company.  Outside of work, Sarah can be found fixing up the farm, spending more time on cattle hair than her own, coaching, and leading their 4-H club.

Sarah credits her time with the founding of Roots & Legacies as pivotal – an experience that helped her clearly define her own life goals, to understand the balance of work, family and community, and gave her an opportunity to meet and connect with a most inspiring group of agriculture industry leaders.

Sarah and Brent have four children: Noah, 12, Tucker, 10, Nell, 8 and Britta, 5.  They love the farm, 4-H, showing livestock, playing sports, fishing, and asking their momma to make more cookies.  Sarah’s part-time work at the bank and with Roots & Legacies gives her balance and perspective, allows her to contribute to her community and to the agriculture industry, and has helped her family to see that they really can find their own socks and make breakfast. Continue reading “Team”


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